UTX 30 Scissor Lift


Going Places Ladders & Most Scissor Lifts Can't

The quickest way to add 17-18' working height to your pole saw or pruner. How about a safer easier way to clean gutters or hang Christmas lights? A UTX 30 scissor lift attachment makes your UTV even more functional. Available for most UTV models with a 1,000 lb or greater payload capacity.

Adding Versatility

Easily switch between standard dump box or scissor lift by extending the for jacks, removing 2 bolts and drive out from under the lift. Dump box then slides back on and replace 2 bolts. The entire process takes 5 minutes. The lift can be stored in this position and also has fork pockets so it can be moved around with a lift truck when not mounted on the UTV chassis. Whether you get the manual jacks or the optional electric jack upgrade, the UTX 30 can be leveled on slopes of up to 12 degrees. 

Safety Features

The UTX 30 has been designed and built with all of the safety features required by OSHA. Visible and audible warnings alert the operator of unsafe conditions. Hard lockout occurs if unit is overloaded or out of level. Emergency stop, emergency lowering valve and a safety prop for maintenance are all standard as well.

100% Self Contained Unit

The UTX 30 is a self contained stand alone unit carrying its own heavy duty group 31 battery and on board charger. A full charge will give 800-1000 cycles and does not in any way connect to your UTV electrical system.

Time to Hunt!

The UTX 30 makes a great tree stand and is legal in Wisconsin with other states pending. Coupled with the Intimidator 48V Electric Classic series pictured above provides 20-30 miles of SILENT operation to and from your favorite hunting spot. UTV available in Real Tree camouflage!