Truck Series

Intimidator Truck

Look closely at the picture to the right, when have you ever seen a round bale in a UTV!? This is what class leading payload capacity looks like. Only available in the American made Intimidator Truck Series UTV. Built from the ground up to be the toughest and hardest working side by side in the market. 1 1/4" DOM A-arms, 1" axle shafts and 10.25" automotive brake rotors to bring heavy loads to a stop. Look past the braun of this machine and you can see the beauty, formed custom seats with 3 shoulder belts for safety, 2 cup holders, shift on-the-fly 4wd with locking differentials all on the base model. Add the popular XD4 package and get aluminum wheels, high beam headlights and a front mounted hitch receiver.

750cc Kohler gas engine is for users wanting a high torque alternative to diesel. This is a low RPM fuel efficient gas engine that is easy to maintain. Top speed limited a perfect work platform at an introductory price.

1000cc Kohler Diesel is workhorse of the line up. 3 cylinder design is class leading, coupled with a sealed CVT housing equipped with an internal cooling fan to prolong belt life and you have a super duty work vehicle. Diesel torque and performance for optimal payload and work capacity.

1000cc Intimidator is a no excuses performance and work engine ready for anything. Do some work around the house then hit the trails. Class leading horsepower and speed from the fuel injected, liquid cooled 8 valve engine insure you get there, quickly.