GC1K Package

Told the wife you needed a UTV to plow snow off the driveway, but the real reason is to pound the trails on the weekend? Check out the GC1K, the factory hot rod in the Intimidator line up. Can you hook up a snowplow? Absolutely the front mounted 2" receiver makes it east to mount one of your choice, but you really want to know the performance. Start with Intimidators new 1000cc engine making 83hp and 67 lb/ft of torque. That is some serious grunt, ready to take you to speeds of 65 mph. 

Offered in 3 different stages all giving you the power, style and comfort you require. 3/4 ton tough in all stages and offering an improved plastics package with roto molded doors standard. Elka stage 1 shocks standard, 14" or 15" aluminum wheels with 27", 28" or 30" depending on what stage level you require.

American made with class leading payload(1450 lbs) and towing capacity(2500 lbs).

Intimidator GC1K *shown with optional roof and light bar.

Intimidator GC1K *shown with optional roof and light bar.