750cc Classic

Base Model Demo/Rental unit

Do you need a short or long term rental unit to get around a job site or get work done around the farm? Look no further because B.E.A.R. has got you covered with this 750cc gas powered Intimidator UTV. 

Designed as a gas alternative to diesel, this unit is geared for work. High torque with a limited top speed of 30 mph makes this UTV job site friendly. 1200 lbs capacity manual dump bed and 2100 lbs towing capacity allows you to move people and equipment quickly and safely. From turf mode to full 4wd the Intimidator will handle any site conditions. Full over the shoulder seat belts for 3 occupants enhance the full 5 piece ROPS and head, tail and brake lights that are standard equipment.

Rental rates start at $154/day with extended terms available. 


48V Electric Classic + UTX30

UTV and 18' scissor lift combo

Are you a facilities maintenance manager, public works employee or anyone that has the need for a maneuverable scissor lift? Check out our Intimidator Classic/UTX 30 combo. The base unit is a 48V electric powered 4wd UTV, in place of a dump bed a self contained electric scissor lift with a max working height of 18'. 

Electric power allows this combo unit to be used anywhere, indoors or out, no exhaust fumes to deal with and full 4wd will tackle any terrain. This unit can get to areas where conventional scissor lifts can't. Each unit has it's own on board charger and battery system so they are completely self sufficient. 

The UTX 30 has a 500lb capacity with a max working height of 18' and is fully safety integrated. Outriggers/jacks make leveling the unit on uneven ground a breeze. B.E.A.R. is a UTX dealer so please contact us if you own a UTV with a 1000lbs cargo capacity we can outfit you with a lift of your own. Currently this unit is legal to use as a tree stand in the state of Wisconsin with other states pending.

Contact us for a custom pricing quote!


1000cc Diesel Truck

Heavy Duty Demo

Do you need the ability to haul heavy cargo and not worry about  a bed that dumps? How about the ability to move oversize cargo around your job site? BEAR is proud to offer the Truck series UTV by Intimidator. Built on a crew size frame, the truck series adds additional bed space to haul more material. For even larger size loads the bed sides fold down out of the way to convert the truck series into a flat bed.

Intimidators Truck series is available with 2 power plant options both offering high torque and lower top speeds making this a job site workhorse. First choice is a Kohler 1000cc diesel, this is Kohler's industrial Diesel engine built with the Lombardini architecture. Liquid cooled and geared with enough torque to move 1500lbs of payload and 2100 lbs towing capacity! Diesel option is liquid cooled and glow plug assisted for easier starting, and the ability to add cab heating for winter operations!

The second power plant choice is the air cooled, fuel injected Kohler 750cc gas engine. Geared for a top speed under 30mph but ample torque to handle heavy loads and still tow 2100lbs this gas engine is right at home on any work site!

Rental rates start at $223/day Diesel or $196/day Gas

Extended Terms Available