Crew Series UTV by Intimidator

Intimidator Crew

If you need to move 5 adults plus yourself and all your gear, check out the Intimidator Crew series.  3 power plant options to suit your situation, the Crew series is at home on the job site or cruising the trails. Base package offers 27" tires on 14" steel wheels, LED head/tail/brake lights in OD green with optional camo upgrade. Order your Crew with the popular XD4 package and get color choice of Orange or Metallic Black plus 14" aluminum wheels and high beam headlights. With a cargo capacity of 1000lbs you can pack the cooler and the BBQ and still tow an additional 2100lbs with the rear hitch.

750cc Kohler gas engine is for users wanting a high torque alternative to diesel. This is a low RPM fuel efficient gas engine that is easy to maintain. Top speed limited, a perfect work platform at an introductory price.

1000cc Kohler Diesel is workhorse of the line up. 3 cylinder design is class leading, coupled with a sealed CVT housing equipped with an internal cooling fan to prolong belt life and you have a super duty work vehicle. Diesel torque and performance for optimal payload and work capacity.

1000cc Intimidator is a no excuses performance and work engine ready for anything. Do some work around the house then hit the trails. Class leading horsepower and speed from the fuel injected, liquid cooled 8 valve engine insure you get there, quickly.